criss-CROss#Jazz Ex Tempore Project

Elvis Stanić – guitar, accordeon / Marko Ramljak – violin (Dalmatia) / Filip Novosel – tambura (Slavonia) / Maasej Kovačević – piano (Međimurje) / Tonči Grabušić –drumsi / Damjan Grbac - double bass (Istria & Quarner)

Many have tried to modernize the Croatian musical heritage, but the recent attempt that Elvis Stanic accomplished in his new project "criss - CROss" with the Jazz Ex Tempore Band, exceeds all expectations.

By the end of last year, he gathered true experts in the Croatian musical heritage from all major Croatian region. Jazz musicians have transformed the existing music patterns and "offered a model for the contemporary expression of the Croatian musical tradition. Since this is a Croatian team with leading musicians of a specific idiom, with a representative work and wisely thought out implementation, this project is a roadmap for creative artists who work with the sign "Croatian", ideal for presentation of Croatian tradition and art in the world. "(Davor Hrvoj , Novi list)

Premiere of the project will be performed on the 16th Liburnia Jazz Festival on Friday, 1 July at the Summer Stage in a unique form of the Silent Concert.

Imagine you plug in headphones into the CD player, adjust the volume, press "play" and indulge yourself to a perfect studio sound - close your eyes and imagine the musicians playing just for you. At this concert, you can experience excatly this with your eyes open - because you will be sitting next to musician, closely watching him playing what you are listening to. To every listener, this is like a dream come true. Silent Concert or Headphone Concert is a unique way of listening to music where the audience through wireless headphones attends live performance of musicians, experiencing music in a completely new way - with the perfectly produced sound of the studio recording. In addition, at this concert there won't be a separate musicians stage, and will be no barrier between the musicians and the audience. Musicians will be playing litteraly inside the auditorium, the audience.

With the perfect headphone sound, personalized volume and position next to the performing musician, the Silent Concert will enable each listener to get truly exclusive music experience that will be remembered for a long time. If you don't know some musician as your close friend, the more intimate and more enjoyable way of listening to music simply does not exist.

The concert will be recorded by the CMC television, and some of the material will be used for the video project.

Friday, 01. 07. 2015., 21:30 h, Open Air Theatre