12. Jazz ExTempore


This year's 12th Jazz Ex Tempore is proud to present an exclusive musical event - a Clash of Piano Giants - Matija Dedic and Vasil Hadzimanov.

The concert of the two best jazz pianist of the region so far, by chance, never happened. And in their biographies there are plenty of "games of chance".

There are numerous similarities in the biographies of these two musicians: both are sons of cult musical families (Matija – son of Arsen Dedic and Gabi Novak, Vasil – son of Zafir Hadžimanov and Senka Veletanlić), both born in the same year, both of them starting to play the piano at age five, both at the same time decide to enter the jazz Academy, both of them have made a successful jazz career and both were declared as the best jazz pianists in their countries.

Therefore, it is, indeed, almost incredible that they have never played together, despite the fact that they and their families are bonded  in private and artistic life.

In addition to biographical coincidences, Matija and Vasil are completely authentic musical personalities and their poetry is very different. While Matija is the representative of the best of contemporary jazz and contemporary improvised music, Vasil combines traditional Balkan rhythms and fusion of contemporary Western musical styles from jazz to funk and world music.

This concert will be the premiere of their cooperation, but we can really expect a clash of giants because from two so talented musicians you can't expect any less.

For those who want personally meet these two exceptional artists and hear what they have to say about their musical experience, there are workshops, or, as we call it- jazz talks, in  the Villa Antonio:
Wednesday,  19 X., 20:00h: VASIL HADŽIMANOV
Thursday, 20. X, 20:00h: MATIJA DEDIĆ

The final concert, accompanied by bassist Luke Veselinovic, a drummer Pedja Milutinovic and hosting of the organizer Elvis Stanic, will take place on Friday, 21.X., in the Crystal Hall of the Kvarner Hotel, starting at 20.30 h. Tickets, priced at 70kn, can be purchased at retail outlets system Moje Karte, online at www.mojekarte.hr and in front of the concert hall an hour before the koncert.


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