This year the Jazz Ex Tempore Project celebrates its 10th anniversary. We are very proud of the fact that in these 10 years 39 artists from 24 countries participated in the Project.

Jazz Ex Tempore every year attempts to connect incompatible, to point artists from the most diverse cultural, territorial, world and artistic backgrounds to live and work together, to face the unknown and to create new music developed from a one-week meeting with, at the beginning - complete strangers. The only link that binds all of them is music and it is the only goal that Jazz Ex Tempore is dedicated to.

The often repeated maxim of the “music without borders” , Liburnia Jazz, for 10 years in a row with this project, has confirmed, demonstrated and has made it very true.

This year the Jazz Ex Tempore hosts artists from Spain, Great Britain and Croatia.

Monday, November the 17th, Villa Antonio, 20h - free admission

ANTONIO SERRANO – Mouth Harmonica: when the impossible becomes possible

Tuesday, November the 18th, Villa Antonio, 20h - free admission

Andrea Vicari / Elvis Stanic – JET Backstage Stories

Wednesday, November 19th, Villa Angiolina 20 h


Tickets for the final concert at Villa Angiolina can be purchased one hour before the concert at a price of 50 kn.

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Last year's edition moments :

A taste of last year's atmosphere: