Nataša Uljan - vocal;Vanja Vitezić - percussion; Kristian Novak - keyboards; Edin Botić - drums; Miro Gugić - bass

Natasha Uljan former soloist in the band Putokazi in projects ˝Nova zemlja" (2000.), "Narodne uspavanke"(2001.), "Androida" (2004.), "Androida.remixed˝ and DVD "Stroj 22.2.22˝ (2006.). She has performed in Austria, Slovenia, Germany and Japan. She has worked with Gibonni (song Libar), Vasil Hadžimanov Band, Elvis Stanic Group, Rade Serbedzija and Livio Morožin Band, Dado Topic, Laibach ....

In 2008. he began to sing with the band Memento, a musical repertoire that nurture a fusion of pop, funk, soul and jazz. After many memorable performances and appearances, the band is creating their debut album.

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