Elvis Stanić

Croatia - guitar, accordeon

"Harvesting the fruits of Istrian olive, searching for the healthiest vegetables that grows on the red soil, fishing trough the Mediterranean Sea, navigating its banks, sometimes sets sail and pull across the Atlantic, and sometimes by the carriage he moves towards central Europe, watching, absorbing, taking to his cellar all the most valuable diversities, then skillfully he selects and processes, to create a recipe for totally new and authentic dish of local cuisine. (Davor Hrvoj)

Elvis Stanić is the best Croatian contemporary jazz fusion guitarist, multiinstrumentalist and the most awarded Croatian jazz composer. He is the leader of the «Elvis Stanić Group», a jazz fusion band which connects mediteranean fluidness with fiercing latin rhythm and contemporary jazz sound. The band performes original music, with starting point in modern electric jazz, expanding it to the edge of traditional, latin or even the New Age music frontiers. As a composer, Elvis Stanić explores a Traditional Croatian music, connecting it with diverse world traditions, thus creating a new and yet unheard genre. He is the one of the leading World jazz mucisians in Croatia.

He has won numerous national and international awards for Music and Culture (15 Porin /Croatian Grammy/ music awards, 7 Status HGU Awards , ...) in 2008. he was awarded by the President of the Republic of Croatia with the Order of Croatian Danica for special achievments in the culture.