Liburnia Jazz for children : JAZZ WITH US and Lela Kaplowitz

The US Embassy in 2014. initiated a colaboration with Lela Kaplowitz in the education of young people in jazz music. So far they held 11 JAZZ WITH US workshops in American Corners at Libraries in Zagreb, Zadar, Osijek, Vukovar and Rijeka. This year is the first time that a workshop is taking place at a jazz festival.

The workshop covers the history of American jazz and the basic characteristics of jazz music (beats, impovization, instruments ...) styles of jazz, rhythm exercises, listening and singing.

This is a modern educational program which is promoting jazz music trough the "traveling" workshops to children who have not yet had the opportunity to hear jazz concert and motivate them to play and listen to jazz.

Thursday, 02. 07. 2015., 10:00 h, Kindergarten Opatija