Yasen Velchev –keyboards / Ivailo Zvezdomirov – bass guitar / Stoyan Yankulov- drums

The three successful multi-style Bulgarian musicians will meet music lovers with some copyright music pieces by the band composer Yassen Velchev and arranged by each one of them. The newly formed fusion band shares an equal passion for jazz, nostalgia for funk music and joint work on the stage for a long time.

Although the trio was formed last year they have already worked together on many projects: the band ‘TE’, the favorite TOTO tribute already known in Bulgaria, after Bobby Kimball (TOTO front man) selects them in 2014 to play music with him at his super successful concert in the capital city. That is the time when the idea to make these performances a tradition comes up. They work together at concerts for famous pop and jazz artists from Bulgaria. They play in the music band of the Bulgarian popular TV shows. They play on international stage as well with a few foreign names – George Duke, Incognito, Mezzoforte and more with whom they have individually played before.

Sunday, 07. 07. 2019., 21:00 h , Hotel Kvarner